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What is PowerCurve?

PowerCurve is a platform to help businesses make the right decisions, and adopt the most effective decision management strategies across the Customer Life Cycle. Successful decision management requires evolving strategies for dynamic business environments. The PowerCurve platform provides new levels of flexibility, insight, control and agility.

It is a unified platform for strategy design and execution; it connects the analytic and operational environments for all customer decisions. This allows the development and implementation of the highest performing customer management strategies. The multi-tiered, component-based architecture, built with industry standard technologies, greatly increases your decisioning power.

Having an integrated decision management platform across the Customer Life Cycle means that your business can utilize all available data and existing strategies to consistently make the most profitable business decisions. Both internal and external data sources can be used from an unlimited amount of sources, from traditional data resources to new channels of information, allowing your business strategy management to adapt to changes in the market. The component based, strategy-driven decision platform provides four key areas of benefits.


• Choose the right capabilities for your business; lowering the total cost of ownership

• Deploy advanced capabilities and integrated analytics quickly and easily

• Derive more value in less time from your decision management technology


• See the data and interpret the trends that drive profitability

• Improve effectiveness with smarter, easy-to-use strategy design tools


• Put control back into the hands of business users

• Predict and respond quickly to changes in customer behavior

• Minimize exposure and organizational risk


• Anticipate, identify and react to business changes more rapidly

• Create and deploy strategies faster - increasing your capacity to deliver

• Tailor and refine strategies with the dynamic test and learn environment

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Move forward into dynamic decisioning with the company you’ve long trusted for credit risk expertise

For more than 30 years, Experian Decision Analytics has been managing and enriching customer data to help organizations like yours make better credit risk decisions. Our powerful decisioning products and services combine data intelligence, analytics, software, reporting and consulting to turn insights into actions that improve business performance. We have clients in more than 90 countries and local offices around the world. Our expertise in analytics, software and best practices is market-proven and thoroughly global.