PowerCurve® Customer Management

Flexibility - Insight - Control - Agility

Earn more profitable customers through adaptive and targeted approaches

Competition is fierce and unrelenting. To win, you need more insight into the true nature and full value of your customer relationships. The right strategies and means can keep you moving in an ever-more-profitable direction, while also navigating an every-changing business environment.

  • Drive higher decisioning performance and return on investment throughout your organization
  • Accelerate time to market while boosting overall productivity
  • Adapt and maneuver in ever-changing markets

Profitable customer data management

PowerCurve Customer Management gives you unmatched capabilities for turning customer-level analytic insights into a coordinated set of account-level treatment strategies, rapidly deployed and consistently executed across product lines and channels. The platform creates a unique profile for each customer, encompassing their entire relationship with the organization. This dynamic profile can include scores and metrics for risk, profitability, propensity to pay and lifetime value. The platform makes it easy to incorporate new data sources that further enrich the profile. This comprehensive profile is the key to accurately identifying your most valuable customers or those with potential to become more valuable. It’s also the key to creating powerful segmentation schemes.

With PowerCurve Customer Management, you can:

  • Efficiently deploy new and updated strategies, without the need for IT assistance
  • Quickly and easily compare new and existing strategies through Champion/Challenger testing
  • Easily access control performance monitoring by simply selecting from a range of dynamic report styles, which self-configured to match the segmentation characteristics and key performance indicators (KPIs) in the strategy
  • View performance reports the design environment, so you can quickly see what is working well and what isn’t
  • Identify any gaps between expectations and results that point to opportunities for improvement as well as early signs of market and economic changes affecting customer behavior

How the PowerCurve platform enables these capabilities

  • Open, modular framework
  • Shared data, analytics, software and capabilities across the customer lifecycle
  • More focus on a decision-centric approach than current solutions
  • Seamless integration and shared capabilities across the customer lifecycle
  • Creation and inclusion of new and innovative products

Automated customer-level management, data management, and predictive analytics create a complete proposition for customer management.

  • Reduce bad debt levels and manage overall exposure
  • Increase take-up rates with relevant offers
  • Free staff to focus on sales and customer retention
  • Focus resources on highest value customers
  • Ensure consistency of decisions and communications

Holistic customer profiles for accurate, segmentation

Create powerful segmentation schemes that drive differentiating treatments in all of the customer’s interactions.

You can apply customer-level differentiation to a wide range of account-level decisions:

Pricing — Price account services at competitive levels while better controlling risk and maintaining margins by assessing profitability at the customer level.

Limit management — Make proactive and reactive limit increases based on overall customer and shadow limits. Automatically authorize extended credit limits for good customers, based on not only risk, but also overall profitability and projected lifetime value.

Cross-sale and up-sale — Identify opportunities to meet a wider range of customer needs while distributing residual credit and risk exposure across accounts. Improve targeting and coordination of outbound marketing campaigns. Respond to inbound requests in a manner that demonstrates you know whom the customers are and value their business.

Utilization — Proactively reach out to customers who have accounts with potential untapped value. Customer-level segmentation helps you assess whether the products they currently have are the best ones to serve their needs. Offer alternative products they’re more likely to use in a manner that is profitable for your organization.

Customer retention — Reduce attrition by identifying customers at risk and assigning account-level incentives (rewards, limit increases, balance transfer offers, etc.) to retain them. Proactively reach out to dormant accounts with potential untapped value.

Debt control — Carry out regular customer reviews to detect early signs of increasing risk. Take carefully targeted actions to help customers avoid delinquencies. Consider the value of the entire relationship when assigning focused collections treatments for customers who are delinquent.

A common design environment for all Customer Life Cycle decisioning areas

This new Studio has all of the graphic design, validation and simulation tools you expect from us, plus these new features:

• Time-saving drag-and-drop strategy "building blocks." You can quickly build out strategies by dragging and dropping reusable elements, such as a risk scorecard, segmentation by marital status or a standard calculation for ability to pay, from a common repository. You can also save time by tapping into our knowledge and experience by using market-tested templates with ready-made strategy content reflecting industry best practices.

• Dynamic strategy-driven performance monitoring. The Studio puts control of strategy monitoring in your hands. You no longer have to pull data sets and ad hoc reports or turn to IT to get monitoring set up or changed on host systems. Instead, you simply select from a range of dynamic report styles, which self-configure to match the segmentation characteristics and key performance indicators (KPIs) in the strategy. Once the strategy is deployed, performance monitoring results are displayed inside the Studio, making it easy for you to see which parts of strategies are working well and which need improvement. Performance monitoring also captures details about strategy execution, such as Champion/Challenger test groups, that have traditionally been lost in operational reporting. This detail enables you to drill down into a particular segment to examine why it might be associated with a higher-than-average bad rate or a lower-than-expected profit.

• Analytics for help in building better strategies. PowerCurve Customer Management’s flexible, component-based architecture enables you to to add enhanced capabilities, such as Assisted Strategy Design. Assisted Strategy Design provides you with interactive analytic guidance and can also generate decision trees automatically based on your parameters. With this assistance, you don’t need analytics expertise to build higher-performing strategies in less time. 

Common repositories for shared access to reusable decisioning resources

Common repositories for credit risk decisioning resources help you share and reuse work and manage strategy versioning and deployment into operations. Implemented in a centralized or distributed architecture, repositories comprise:

• Decision solution elements. Anything contained in a decisioning strategy can be stored as a reusable "building block" in a shared solution repository. This includes not only scorecards and standard calculations, such as income estimation, but also summary population characteristics based on data from multiple sources. It might also include segmentation criteria, such as a split (number of credit cards plus limit utilization) developed for a loan eligibility strategy that might also be useful for a pre-collections strategy.

• Strategy templates. You can get a jump-start on strategy design with ready-made content. This content may include complete strategy templates, infused with our knowledge and experience, for specific types of credit risk decisions, such as initial credit line assignment. It could also consist of decision sub-trees (parts of strategies) or even a single cut-off point (e.g., number of credit cards plus limit utilization). You can copy and modify our templates to create new templates, or develop your own templates.

• Performance reporting. Performance monitoring outputs are stored as reports in this repository, from where they can be easily accessed and viewed within the Studio's graphical environment. Report content is specific to the segmentation and KPIs for each strategy and the dynamic report style selected by the strategy designer. Some report styles are specific to a life cycle decisioning area (e.g., delinquency roll rate reports for credit card collections). Others are more generally applicable (e.g., a referral rate analysis report, which could be applied to originations strategy performance monitoring for both credit card and loan portfolios).

What is the decision management platform?

PowerCurve helps companies make the right decisions, across the Customer Life Cycle, in dynamic business environments. This breakthrough decision management platform provides new levels of flexibility, insight, control and agility so you can:

  • Easily incorporate new decisioning capabilities into your existing environment. Add just the software and analytics components you need to solve targeted business challenges.
  • Drive higher decisioning performance and return on investment throughout your organization. Share decision-ready data, best practices templates, reusable strategy building blocks and connectivity standards across product lines and Customer Life Cycle functions.
  • Accelerate time to market while boosting overall productivity. We put powerful yet intuitive analytics and tools for strategy design, deployment and performance monitoring into you hands. PowerCurve empowers you to assume a larger role in decision management while freeing IT and analysts for other priorities.
  • Adapt and maneuver in ever-changing markets. Make use of the integrated test-and-learn framework to immediately assess how well customer decisioning is working. Quickly reconfigure strategies as business conditions change.

A unified platform for strategy design and execution, PowerCurve connects the analytic and operational environments for all customer decisions. The multitiered, component-based architecture, built with industry standard technologies, greatly increases your decisioning power:


PowerCurve cost-effectively fits your needs. Quickly implement what you require to solve a specific business challenge, such as credit card limit management or risk-based pricing. Extend into other product lines and Customer Life Cycle areas when needed, deriving more value from common technologies and shared, reusable decisioning elements as you go.


PowerCurve enables you to gain more value from internal and external data. You don’t have to mine raw data for insights. You simply drag and drop them from a common repository into your strategies. Enhanced strategy design capabilities analyze population characteristics in the data and list them by their predictive power. An integrated data enrichment feature connects to multiple external sources, combining their data to create decision-ready summary characteristics. Strategy templates, infused with our knowledge and industry best practices, also reduce the time from data to actionable insights.


The new platform puts control over decision strategy design, deployment, performance monitoring and updating into your hands. For example, you no longer have to pull data sets, create ad hoc reports or turn to IT to get monitoring set up on host systems. Instead, you simply select from a range of dynamic report styles, which self-configure to match the segmentation characteristics and key performance indicators (KPIs) in the strategy. You also can change monitoring as needed during strategy updates and refinement.


The new platform gives you the means to make your customer decisioning more alert, nimble and competitive in dynamic markets. Performance monitoring reports correspond exactly to each customer segmentation strategy and KPIs. Gaps between expectations and results provide early alerts to changing market conditions and opportunities for greater gain. Easy-to-use analytics suggest ways to refine segmentation and improve performance.    


Consulting is at the heart of every one of our deliveries. Consultants work with you at every stage of the project, first to fully understand the business and strategic direction, and then to help design and implement systems and processes that deliver objectives.

Following implementation, our consultants work with you through a structured and regular review program to continually evolve and enhance strategies, so that organizations continue to gain maximum value as their needs change and the business grows.  We create a partnership with you to deliver products and services that address your business challenges for today, and in the future. Bringing a fresh approach and independent viewpoint to every business, our consulting delivers practical solutions that deliver measurable results.

White Paper - Executive Summary

Risk and reward: The challenges of effective decision management

It's more important than ever today for organizations to make the right customer decisions — and harder than ever to do.

Companies know that the ability to repeatedly make the right customer decisions, instant by instant, day after day, is essential to profitable growth, sharper risk management and higher-performing portfolios. However, volatile, fast-moving markets, economic and regulatory change and new sources of competition make the right decision a moving target.

Companies pursuing higher performance must find ways to simultaneously adapt to change. They have to work harder to rapidly pull useful insights about customer behavior and market trends from huge quantities of their own data as well as data from other sources in the expanding digital universe. They work harder just to surmount process gaps and obstacles caused by traditional methods of developing and deploying decisioning strategies and tools better suited to more tranquil times. Incompatible software, different data formats and lack of integration between strategy design and execution mean that too much time is being spent just on the mechanics of customer decisions.

With demands growing, resources tight and rapid return on investment (ROI) the name of the game, companies must be able to eliminate this diversion and focus fully on the quality and business impact of their decisions. They need a way to connect and streamline how they design decisioning strategies, bring them into production, and measure and learn from the results. The whole process has to become quicker, thoroughly flexible and dynamic. It must be easier and more collaborative for participants, and less costly and more rewarding for the enterprise.

Decision strategy design and execution together on a unified platform

The key to better performance and agility in dynamic markets is a platform that unites decision strategy design and execution, connecting the analytic and operational environments for all customer decisions. Common data definitions and standardized technologies throughout strategy development, execution and performance monitoring enable decisioning cycles to progress more efficiently (with none of the usual "losses in translation"). Companies also gain momentum when decisioning processes across the Customer Life Cycle share and repurpose data, and when a wide variety of preconfigured, customizable decisioning elements can be dropped into any number of strategies.

Credit-granting organizations benefit from a unified, component-based platform in numerous ways:

• Faster ROI through quicker, less costly implementations of decisioning applications and services

• Higher business performance, driven by decisions made with greater insight into customer risk and reward potential

• Rapid performance improvements from being able to pinpoint where strategies need refinement and to enrich them with new data, calculated variables and analytics

• Increased agility from being able to pick up early signs of how market, economic and competitive change are impacting decisioning effectiveness

• Reduced burden on IT and analysts by putting powerful tools for decision strategy design and deployment, as well as control over performance monitoring, in the hands of business users

• Flexibility for companies to get exactly the decisioning systems they need by combining modular technologies to fit current demands and adding more functionality as required

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