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Successful boomer couples living comfortable lifestyles in town and exurban homes

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Thriving Boomers


The three segments in Thriving Boomers feature empty-nesting couples in their 50s and 60s who long ago fled the cities for quiet towns and upper middle-class resort communities. Most of the households contain childless couples who've lived at the same address for over a decade and are now beginning to contemplate their retirement. Others are more recent arrivals who've left large homes in bedroom suburbs to downsize to more manageable houses and condos. While some of their peers have migrated to active retirement communities, these folks are content to live in their mixed-age neighborhoods, not to mention their mixed-aged households: one-quarter has an aged parent or young adult living at home.

Market Size

5.13 percent of U.S. households

Key Traits
Upper middle-class Baby boomers
Cultured Stable
Smart shoppers Fitness-minded
Comfortable lifestyles
Internet utilitarians Social activities
Digital Media Behavior

Thriving Boomers are active users of the Internet, comfortable going online to shop, telecommute and bid on auctions. They access the Internet for a variety of activities: booking flights, trading stocks, following political events and looking up health and medical information. They frequently surf to websites like,, and They mostly go online from the comfort of their desktop or laptop computers; they're only half as likely as the general population to access the Internet using their cell phones.

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