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Eclectic mix of middle-class households living in country and small town areas

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Pastoral Pride


The four segments in Pastoral Pride are concentrated in small, country towns and characterized by modestly-educated middle-aged couples and unattached individuals. Few households have children still at home. Having settled in remote villages and towns far from the urban centers, they enjoy their homes, their sleepy country communities and their steady, blue-collar and service-sector jobs. In their communities where solitude and self-reliance are cherished, they've managed to fashion a simple, unpretentious lifestyle.

Market Size

7.28 percent of U.S. households

Key Traits
Town and country

Older couples and


Casual lifestyles Value-conscious
Tech-shy Price-sensitive
Outdoor activities

Working class

Digital Media Behavior

With their low educations and old-fashioned ways, most Pastoral Pride have little interest in digital media. Many concede that computers confuse them. They don't often use the Internet and are much more likely than average to use dial-up access from their home desktop computers. Those who do go online typically do so for business purposes, to bank, shop, participate in auctions and check out real estate classifieds. They also visit websites about dating, families, pets, motorsports, wrestling and games. Many have also discovered the addictive quality of surfing the Internet: a high number expect to increase their Internet use over the next year.

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