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Golden Year Guardians


With more than 90 percent of members over 65 years old, Golden Year Guardians are the oldest group. The seniors in these four segments are predominantly white, poorly-educated and living on extremely modest retirement funds. Nearly two-thirds are widowed and living alone; the remainder are empty-nesting married couples. Many now reside in active retirement communities after having uprooted themselves from their family homes so they could live among people of similar ages and incomes. These members of the Greatest Generation typically came from humble origins and now enjoy unpretentious lifestyles.

Market Size

7.25 percent of U.S. households

Key Traits
Retirees Late digital adoption
Empty-nesters Active social lives
Stable Cautious money
Optimistic Health-conscious
Traditional media
Suburban and urban
Digital Media Behavior

Golden Year Guardians are not active in digital media. They have little high-speed Internet access, and they are late adopters of smartphones and handheld devices. However, they are discovering the Internet in increasing numbers, and recent research shows that they go online to browse sites that offer banking, insurance, travel and legal services. They enjoy sending e-greetings to friends and relatives. They're discovering the Internet as an information tool for news, political affairs and sports highlights involving golf, horse racing, baseball and motorsports. Among their favorite websites are those related to health, illnesses and caregiving.

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