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Middle-aged, ethnically-diverse families supported by solid blue-collar occupations

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Family Union


In Family Union, a mix of families live in middle-class comfort within the sprawl of major metropolitan areas. Many of the households contain older, immigrants and their children who have worked hard, settled in modest houses and established a comfortable lifestyle for their families. They tend to live in multi-ethnic and multi-lingual neighborhoods, driving used American sedans and minivans, and filling their homes with food and decorations that remind them of their homeland.

Market Size

5.4 percent of U.S. households

Key Traits
Family-centric lives Solid blue-collar
Ethnically diverse Middle-class
Financially cautious Value-conscious
Vibrant and active
Group sports
Traditional media Retail consumers
Digital Media Behavior

Family Union make only modest use of the Internet. They tend to go online using their mobile phones or desktop computers, and those who can't afford home Internet access log on at their local schools or libraries. Many go online to communicate, participating in chat forums and message boards and sending instant messages and electronic greetings to their friends and relatives. They also use the Internet to download music, watch videos, visit children's websites, shop for cars and check out job classifieds. Favorite websites include,, and However, they're not yet comfortable with shopping online.

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