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Younger, working-class families living in smaller residential communities

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Families in Motion


The two segments in Families in Motion are dominated by young families living in small towns scattered across the eastern half of the country. Most of the households contain married couples between 25 and 45 years old. Half have families with two or more children. Many of these predominantly white households moved into their towns years ago to raise their children in safe surroundings and affordable homes. Today their towns are neither industrial centers nor high-tech boomtowns, but quiet communities with an employment base consisting of skilled manual workers in construction, manufacturing and the trades.

Market Size

3.58 percent of U.S. households

Key Traits
Younger families Quite neighborhoods
Outdoor activities
Discount shoppers Kid-friendly venues
Devoted family values Budget-minded
Low investments Moderate digital
Digital Media Behavior

The young families in Families in Motion often use digital media. They go online to communicate through instant messages, emails and message boards and chat forums. Many set up their desktop computers to entertain their children, and these households also use the Internet to play games, download music and watch videos. However, the grownups here are also web-savvy, and they like visiting sites for social networking (, motorsports (, researching products ( and gaming (

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