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Cultural Connections


Cultural Connections are first- and second-generation Americans who are striving to improve their lives. The six segments in this group have one of the highest proportions of adoptive citizens in the U.S. More than half the households are Hispanic - more than four times the national average - and most consist of middle-aged couples with children and single-parent families. Many face enormous challenges: modest educations, low wages, uncertain jobs and language barriers. In these segments, 40 percent of residents were born in Mexico and mostly speak Spanish inside and outside their homes. While that may produce tight-knit Hispanic communities, it also hampers assimilation and advancement in American society.

Market Size

6.42 percent of U.S. households

Key Traits
Multi-cultural Digital moderates
Bilingual Ambitious
Modest lifestyles Traditional values
Tech adopters Tight budgets
Digital Media Behavior

The middle-aged members of this group do not often go online, and relatively few access the Internet for transactional activities like banking, shopping and looking for work. They mainly use the Internet for entertainment and communication, often to stay in touch with family and friends living outside the U.S. Many join chat forums, post bulletin board messages and download music. They also use the Internet like a virtual encyclopedia to learn more about music, books, mobile phones and games.

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