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Autumn Years


One of the nation's older groups, Autumn Years contains mostly mature couples retired in the same house where they've lived for much of their lives. Nearly two-thirds are over 65 years old. About the same proportion are married couples with grown children; about three-quarters of them are already grandparents. Predominantly lower middle-class, they've decided to stay in the old neighborhood rather move to a retirement community. Proud members of the Greatest Generation, these couples are rooted in their communities, often belonging to local art groups, veterans' clubs, unions, churches, and temples.

Market Size

5.64 percent of U.S. households

Key Traits
Mature Adults Home owners
Long-time residents Community roots
Quiet leisure lives Cautious
Conservative approach Traditional media users
Made in America buyers Moderate digital usage
Digital Media Behavior

Most Autumn Years are not active users of digital media. They're less than half as likely as average Americans to use the Internet at home or work. They rarely go online using a cell phone, laptop, or wireless connection; among those with an Internet connection, a disproportionate number use dial-up access. However, this group does contain many web surfers who like to go online to bank, download games, get the weather report, and check out lottery sites. Online shopping is only moderately popular, but these consumers will research products and make occasional purchases at sites like, and

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