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Power Elite


America's wealthiest households belong to Power Elite, a group of six segments concentrated in the nation's largest metropolitan areas. Predominantly white with a high rate of Asians, many have risen to the top thanks to advanced educations and lucrative careers as lawyers, doctors, and corporate leaders. Today, these middle-aged and older executives (half are empty-nesting couples) enjoy lives of luxury in the nation's most fashionable and exclusive areas in the country. While many have settled in the greener-belt suburbs of big cities, significant numbers also enjoy private, in-town residences, their homes protected by iron gates and well-tended shrubbery, the backyards dominated by swimming pools and tennis courts.

Market Size

6.13 percent of U.S. households

Key Traits
Wealthiest households Financial investments
Prosperous Influential
Family-focused Brand-conscious
Global travelers Sports activities
Socially active Digitally-savvy
Digital Media Behavior

The educated and wealthy households in this group are among the nation's more prodigious users of digital media. These early tech adopters have large appetites for high-speed modems, wireless technology, and accessing the Internet through their cell phones, handheld devices, and other mobile devices. The Internet is a major source of information as well as a tool to shop, bank, trade stocks, and book travel arrangements. They also go online to read business articles, research products, get the latest news and weather report, and share their own views through blogs. Among their favorite websites:,,,, and

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