Rent is the single largest monthly expenditure for approximately one-third of the U.S. population, and until now, it has been missing from credit bureau files. This has been an industry-wide obstacle that we have now solved.    

As of December 2010, Experian will include positive rental payment data as part of a consumer’s credit file. This alternative data asset consists of rental payment histories collected by Experian RentBureau through a national network of property management companies.

Key Benefits

Some of the many exciting benefits of integrating rental payment data with Experian’s credit products include:

  • Prescreen — Inclusion of positive rental history in credit files will enable you to target an expanded set of underserved consumers who were previously unscoreable and part of the thin file or “no hit” population
  • Acquisitions — You will now have a comprehensive understanding of a consumer’s total monthly obligations to assist with offering credit to emerging consumers  
  • Account Review — Rental payment data can serve as an additional input in helping you develop a more complete picture of your risk exposure within your existing portfolios
  • Risk Management — Enhanced credit scores based on a blend of credit and rental data will help you predict the likelihood of future delinquency

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