Unemployment Benefit Eligibility

Fight fraud and mitigate risk.

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Government agencies are tasked with catching fraudsters and eliminating improper benefits payments, which take resources away from displaced workers who may have a legitimate need. Our insurance verification services assist with identity verification and offset improper payment reductions.


Identity findings

Verify if further application requirements are needed.

Risk solutions

Prevent improper unemployment insurance payments.

Eligibility insights

Implement solutions for insurance eligibility verification.

What are unemployment benefits?

Each year in the United States workers displaced from their place of employment seek the support of unemployment benefits. Under the program, eligible workers typically receive 26 weeks of supplemental income while they look for work.

We have a team of industry experts dedicated to supporting our public sector agency partners.



Risk detection

Identify potential fraud linkages across the Experian network.


Identity proofing

Accurately identify individuals with our document verification solution.


Fraud management

Implement a layered, risk-based approach to better manage fraud.

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