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The ability for a government agency to fully understand and effectively interact with individuals and businesses starts with the accuracy, relevancy and reliability of its data. Better analysis of government analytics and data can improve operations and outcomes.

As a leading information services provider, we offer government agencies the advanced data, predictive analytics and data quality needed to help them make better decisions and address our nation’s biggest challenges.


Leverage third-party sources for improved insight, decision-making and outreach.

Our best-in-class services help public sector agencies:

  • Evaluate market trends to drive informed decisions
  • Make less risky hiring choices by screening applicants
  • Improve processes with government data analytics
  • Authenticate citizens by validating contact information
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Maximizing collections

Learn comprehensive identity proofing insights and best practices.


Utilizing data

Discover key findings from our global data management research.


Preventing fraud

With predictive data analytics government agencies can stay ahead of fraudsters.

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