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Now more than ever, federal agencies must optimize limited resources to ensure mission critical needs are met. Whether the need is to enhance investigations, fight program waste and abuse, or drive data analysis, Experian provides Civilian and Department of Defense agencies and the Intelligence community with deeper insight into decision making to best address our nation’s toughest challenges.

Our advanced data and predictive analytics allows the federal government to:

  • Assist in investigations by leveraging data on more than 245 million consumers and 70 million businesses
  • Authenticate identities before permitting access to offered services
  • Ensure integrity of eligibility programs by authenticating identity and validating applicant data
  • Identify, reduce and mitigate the incidence of identity fraud in tax refund and other benefit programs
  • Optimize collections efforts and maximize revenue attainment
  • Drive policy and regulatory changes with intelligence based on consumer and commercial market trends
  • Evaluate potential vendors accurately for fiscal stability and legitimacy
  • Support economic growth with insight on current market trends


  • Risk Intelligence: Understand and reduce risks in policies and programs through up-front and ongoing analysis of markets, portfolios, constituents and businesses.
  • Eligibility: Accurately determine and validate ongoing eligibility with advanced data and analytics.
  • Find and Collect: Optimize your location and recovery efforts by leveraging unique data sources and advanced analytics to maximize efficiencies and revenue. Collect overdue obligations quickly and efficiently.
  • Identity Management and Fraud Detection: Authenticate identities, decrease the incidence of fraud, protect constituent identities, and ensure appropriate access to information and services.
  • Data Quality and Insight: Ensure data integrity in programs and vet and analyze consumers and businesses to improve internal processes and meet regulatory requirements.

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