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Reduce fraud and deliver better program compliance.

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Government agencies tasked with eligibility verification face several challenges including sudden spikes in caseloads and limited funding and resources. Fortunately, innovative solutions and techniques are enabling government agencies to rapidly authenticate individual identities and understand public-assistance applicants more thoroughly.

Our eligibility verification services incorporate third-party data and analytics into established processes and infrastructure, so agencies can immediately gain improved insight for efficient decision making.


We support numerous eligibility programs including Medicaid, TANF, SNAP, Public Housing, FEMA, Pension Benefits and more.

Our best-in-class services help public sector agencies:

  • Communicate program information for participation
  • Validate applicant information upon system entry
  • Reduce fraud and deliver better program compliance
  • Track beneficiary information to detect eligibility changes
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Leveraging insights

Discover insights and findings from our Governing Institute survey.


Program compliance

Learn how data and analytics can reduce fraud and deliver better program compliance.

Whitepaper: State of Alternative Credit Data

Enhanced decisioning

Enable accurate decisions across the entire eligibility life cycle.

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