Contractor risk management

Identify and manage risks in government contracting.

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Contractor risk management has become a key focus area in the public sector, as it has a direct impact on program integrity and supports the reduction of fraud, waste and abuse. Our contractor risk management solutions help to automate and standardize risk processes, while adhering to compliance regulation, including supplier diversity, and preventing fraud.

Risk solutions

Prevent operational inefficiencies with risk assessment activities.

Authentication services

Ensure potential contractors are viable, legitimate businesses.

Fraud prevention

Eliminate the chance of fraudulent activity and supply chain disruption.

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What is supplier diversity?

Supplier diversity encourages the use of a diverse supplier base in the procurement of goods and services for any business or organization. Agencies can certify compliance by identifying diverse suppliers within an existing supply chain and properly managing spend.



Verifying contractors

Verify business and/or business owner information with BizIDSM.


Averting fraud

Mitigate government risk with fraud detection and prevention.


Reducing waste

Assess if prospective partners will be able to fulfil contractual obligations.

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