Benefit eligibility solutions

Streamline enrollment and access to benefits.

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Certain citizens may qualify for benefits and financial assistance from the government. With the constant emergence of new programs, it’s imperative that you help them understand which benefits programs they’re eligible for and how and where to apply.

Our eligibility and enrollment services help you keep up with changing program demands and provide citizens with access to their benefits when and where they need them.

Integrated eligibility

Use an integrated system to determine qualification for benefits programs.

Eligibility management

Implement and manage solutions that help meet program needs.

Eligibility verification

Verify family members with dependent eligibility verification services.

We have a team of industry experts dedicated to supporting our public sector agency partners.



Program integrity

Discover insights and findings from our eligibility verification survey.


Income insight

Determine a citizen’s ability to meet their financial obligations with intuitive tools.


Enhanced decisioning

Enable accurate decisions across the entire eligibility life cycle.

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