Agencies, platforms and media operators rely on measurement to show ROI and validate the performance of their clients’ marketing campaigns. However, using a variety of tools can be scattered and ineffective. Experian’s OmniImpact is a powerful solution that addresses your measurement needs in a single, easy to use interface.

Measure your campaign to your exact specs

OmniImpact was built for organizations who want to see real business results and discover how intended consumers are connecting to campaigns. It turns measurement data into easily digestible content so you can focus on creating compelling campaigns that connect with your client’s audience.

OmniImpact also offers vertical-specific data for Automotive, Finance, and Retail, which includes unique datasets and reporting pertinent to these industries.




How OmniImpact is different:

  • Fast execution of campaign insights when you need them
  • Clean Room security and privacy-compliance
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard
  • Customizable, with quick turn reporting with multiple read capabilities
  • Omnichannel capabilities with access to 90% of the digital ecosystem 
  • Knowledgeable, accessible and responsive customer service
  • Measure data from a variety of audience sources
  • Running measurement reports and analyses using custom data assets
Campaign reach with OmniImpact

Why partner with Experian?

Experian is a leader in data with in-depth knowledge of marketer’s needs pertaining to campaign insights and quick channel performance stats. OmniImpact will deliver your campaign measurement on your timeline, with actionable reporting that delivers results to drive your client’s next campaign.

Get comprehensive capabilities through a single partner, including identity, audiences, activation and measurement. 

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