A complete picture of online and offline customer engagement

As a marketer, you need to grow your own business through upsell and acquisition, set yourself apart from more competitors than ever, engage your customers across every channel and make the most of your marketing budget. But how can you easily—and securely—do all of this using your own data?

Customer data platforms help organizations get to know and communicate with their customers on a more personal level by unifying customer data on a centralized platform, enabling them to manage and update customer data in a secure environment. Customer Data Engine takes customer data platforms a step further by providing a complete picture of online and offline customer engagement and by delivering the data, tools, and insights you need to reach customers and lookalike prospects.

Experian’s Customer Data Engine can help brands and agencies get more value out of existing data:

  • Securely manage all of your customer data – Securely manage all of your customers’ online and offline engagement and demographic data in one place.
  • Create a single view of the customer – Persistently managing identities using our OmniView solution, which helps you understand how your customers are engaging with you in-store and across all media channels.
  • Better target customers – Enrich your first and third party data with our ConsumerViewSM marketing database containing demographics, purchasing habits, lifestyles, interests and attitudes of over 300 million individuals and 126 million households.
  • Manage your marketing campaigns – Activate your audiences with Experian’s direct match media partners, your direct mail and email providers, and across the programmatic ecosystem — all from a single platform.
  • Measure campaign effectiveness – Link purchase data with campaign exposure data to determine the online and offline sales effectiveness of your campaigns.

Better data means making better decisions to reach customers and lookalike prospects. Complete the form at the right to learn more about Experian’s Customer Data Engine.

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