Gain a persistent, holistic view of your customers

The ability to effectively engage your customer in the right channel, with the right offer, and at the time they are most likely to transact hinges upon the ability to recognize your customers and their activities across multiple channels.

Experian Marketing Services’ premier persistent linkage platform, OmniView, can help.  The OmniView platform ingests large amounts of fragmented data and links it in a meaningful way to help you understand how your customers are engaging with you in-store and across all media channels.

Use these insights to deliver consistent messages across channels, provide relevant product recommendations, and grow your loyalty base.  Using a persistent ID—in real time—supports your sophisticated 1:1 marketing strategy, at the scale you need it to.

OmniView helps marketers:
  • Link fragmented and incomplete data including email, social and personally identifiable information (PII), across channels and devices
  • Recognize customers across channels  enabling a comprehensive understanding of customer preferences
  • Precisely target customers across channels for improved customer engagement

Only Experian has a 40 year history of data knowledge to provide superior linkage with fewer errors and greater accuracy of records.  With over 2 billion records processed monthly and over 8 billion name and address combinations, we have the referential data to support your needs.  As a recognized leader in managing consumer data with privacy and compliance built in, we can help you successfully navigate your requirements to convert sensitive PII data into actionable insights.

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