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20+ years of revenue cycle management expertise to help your organization decrease revenue leakage and enable time-saving automation.

Kathryn Wrazidlo from Essentia Health discusses how they were able to find 67 percent of coverage for patient accounts during pre-service to decrease aging A/R accounts. 

With consumer out-of-pocket spending on the rise, we know it’s becoming increasingly difficult to collect on balances and more accounts are being written off as bad debt. Additionally, reimbursement structures are more complex, leaving healthcare organizations needing data-driven insights and automation. 

For years, we’ve helped clients gain efficiencies and focus their staff on priorities that matter most – like patient care.

Experian Health creates a frictionless experience between payers and providers, delivering the best in machine learning and AI to eliminate error-prone and manual inefficiencies. We specialize in automation to ensure problems don’t continue to effect productivity, and we precisely match data to predict, model and optimize financial results. To assist with patient collections, we offer tools to highlight a patient’s financial situation, as well as their propensity to pay, allowing you to optimize your collection strategies from the start and get patients on the right programs.

Experian Health RCM solution statistics

1900 +

Payer connections

1,800 +

CORE HIS integrations 

216M +

Claims processed ​annually

Explore our revenue cycle management solutions

Take a holistic approach to revenue cycle management with solutions spanning the patient lifecycle.

Patient Access Solutions

Automate manual patient access processes, including orders, registration, and financial clearance, using a single, integrated platform.

Patient Collections

Boost revenue while providing patients with more personalized, compassionate financial options.

Claims Management

Manage claims, payments, denials—and prioritize high-impact accounts—for better efficiency and more revenue.

Payer Contract Management

Reduce underpayments and the costs associated with appealing those underpayments.

Summit Medical Group Oregon client success story

Decreased denials to achieve a 92% primary clean claim rate.

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Analyzing financial and operational data to improve performance

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