Patient Identity Management

Perform patient identity proofing, matching, and data verification with confidence

Here to help you overcome healthcare's largest challenges: duplicate medical records, mistaken patient identities, pharmaceutical abuse, and rising costs for patients and providers. 

You need the confidence in your patient identity in order to deliver optimal care and a positive patient experience. Experian has more than 40 years of success in matching, managing and protecting identities and personal data. Through partnerships with National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) and integrations with electronic health record (EHR) software, we offer a customized approach to healthcare and are well positioned to develop the industry standards needed to improve patient safety and outcomes by facilitating industry-wide adoption of Universal Patient Identifiers through providers, pharmacies, payers, and beyond. 

Explore our identity management solutions

Unique Patient Identifier

Resolve duplicate patient identities with a referencial and probabilistic matching approach.

Patient Portal Security

Perform identity proofing and authentication before giving access to sensitive patient information.

Data Verification

Update and enhance patient information to get the most current, accurate, holistic view of your patient.

Data Breach Preparedness

Plan and drill to protect against regulatory penalties, customer loss and brand damage.

Modern Healthcare: Experian takes on patient ID

Patient Identity Statistics

1 out of 4

Patients don’t access their medical records online because of concerns about privacy and security

94 percent

Of duplicate records occur at the point of registration 

$3.2M - $4.8M

The estimated cost of duplicate medical records 

AdvantageCare Physicians

Reduced overall patient volume to its IT help desk by 25% and reduced password reset volume by 75%.

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Greg Young, Senior Director PR, and Victoria Dames, Senior Director Product Management, talk about how COVID-19 impacts patient identity management with telehealth and portal visits on the rise.

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