Patient Access

Advocate Aurora Healthcare

Each year, Advocate Aurora achieves double-digit increases in patient collections by using Collections Optimization Manager.

Aegis Sciences Corporation

Through an automated orders process, Aegis eliminated illegible testing requests and reduced attestation statements by 76%. 

Blessing Health System

Implemented eCare NEXT to increase Point of Service collections and clean claim rates, as well as decrease denials and A/R days.


Realized a 60% increase in productivity, closing 120 accounts per day versus 40 with thier manual process.

Payer Reimbursement

Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers

Realized an ROI of more than $1 million per year by implementing Experian Health soluitions and decreased denial rates.

State of Franklin Healthcare Associates

Expedited accounts receivable (A/R) by 13 percent and reduced full-time employee (FTE) requirements even as claims volume grew. 

Summit Medical Group Oregon

Recognized a 15% reduction in A/R days and volume. Decreased denials to achieve a 92% primary clean claim rate. 

Kootenai Health

Patient Financial Clearance showed an overall accuracy of 88% and Kootenai Health saved 60 hours of staff time through automation. 

Patient Collections

Altru Health System

Collections Optimization Manager realized a 114% increase in collections by identifying accounts with high propensity to pay. 

Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Realized a yearly savings of $840,000 due to a $70,000 reduction in monthly invoicing costs for patient statements.

Martin Health Systems

Increased their receivables by more than $4 million; lifted collections by $3.1 million and identified $975,000 in Medicaid coverage.

Blessing Health System

An automated, data-driven process increased patient collections and provides personalized patient estimates that are 80-90% accurate.

Montgomery County Hospital District

Validating patient information and segmenting private-pay accounts, by payment likelihood, resulted in an increase of $1 million annually.

Sanford Health

Collections Optimization Manager helped Sanford realize a total in-house patient collections lift of more than $40 million.

Saratoga Hospital

From 2015 to 2018, Saratoga Hospital increased cash collections by 400 percent with personalized Patient Estimates. 

Patient Scheduling

Benefis Health System

After implementing online self-scheduling Benefis Health System saw 50% of patients booking appointments after hours.

CareMount Medical

CareMount Medical enabled 24/7 online appointment scheduling across all its specialties and providers. 

The Iowa Clinic

The Iowa Clinic has averaged 8 new patient appointments booked per provider per month and seen a 97% show rate for online appoinment bookings. 

Large Managed Care Plan

A large Medicaid managed care plan saw a 140% increase in scheduling rates by eliminating three-way calls and a 51% increase in member show rates. 

Identity Management

AdvantageCare Physicians

Reduced overall patient volume to its IT help desk by 25%. With password reset issues, that volume has decreased by 75%.

ValleyCare Health System

Decreased undeliverable return mail from 1,500 pieces per month to 150 pieces — a 90 percent reduction.