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Summit Medical Group Oregon – BMC recognized a 15 percent reduction in both A/R days and volume. They also saw a decrease in denials and now tout a 92 percent primary clean claims rate.

Improve financial performance with automated, clean and data-driven medical claims management.

Automatically check that every claim is clean and error-free before it is submitted. Eliminate the costly, time-consuming rework typically associated with claims management. 

By integrating claims management software with customized edits into the workflow system, providers can thoroughly review every line of every encounter and verify that each claim is coded properly and contains the correct information before the claim is invoiced and submitted for reimbursement.

What does this mean for you? Encounters are processed in real time with automatic alerts that highlight incorrect codes or other potential issues before the claims submission. Responses include a detailed explanation of why a claim was flagged, so any necessary modifications can be made prior to submission. 

Analyze claims with greater confidence and easily identify any possible errors well in advance of claims submission. 

Data Driven Revenue Cycle

Analyzing financial and operational data to improve performance

Drive streamlined and accurate claims management


Reduce claim denials, corrections and rebilling. Optimize reimbursement and improve first-time pass through rates. 


Execute the most effective workflow for your team and confidently prioritize high-impact accounts. 


Improve productivity and cash flow with automatic claims status updates throughout the adjudication process. 


Increase reimbursements with denial analysis and automation. Gain insight into root causes for denials and act fast. 

On-demand webinar: Optimizing payer and patient collections 

Your guide: How to prevent and manage claim denials 

How can customizable edits improve your denial rates?

Four ways to use AI and automation in your revenue cycle

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