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Streamline patient financial assistance and improve recovery rates

Healthcare’s patient-dependent revenue cycle is forcing hospitals and other healthcare providers to change their collections strategies.

Patient access staff must be the patient’s advocate while also improving the organization’s ability to collect from the patient and payer. By leveraging a data-driven approach, staff can verify patient identity and insurance coverage as well as provide an accurate estimate of payment responsibility. Staff even can review data to assess ability to pay and evaluate various payment plan and/or financial assistance options.

Using our best-in-class collections software with our other revenue cycle management solutions, you can reinvent your entire patient billing and collections process. Boost your revenue and help provide patients with more personalized, compassionate financial options.

Let us help you reduce bad debt write offs—in compliance with industry regulations--to minimize risk while improving the patient financial experience.  

Saratoga Hospital client success story

How Patient Estimates helped them increase cash collections from patients by 400%

Patient Collection Statistics

1 out of 3

It is estimated that providers only collect 1/3 of patient balances larger than $200


Our solutions have helped providers tap into an additional $3.1B in patient collections 


In 2018 Experian’s coverage discovery solution found coverage associated with $5.8B in charges for over 1,200 clients 

Solutions to help you take a proactive approach to patient collections

Collections Optimization Manager

An end-to-end, data analytics–driven, self-pay receivables management service 

Patient Estimates

Price transparency tool that creates accurate estimates of authorized services for patients.


Point-to-point encryption that enables timely and secure payments.

Patient Financial Clearance

Determine which patients are likely to pay and connect those who potentially qualify for financial assistance with the right programs.


Patient self-service portal that provides convenient access for your patients and enables self-pay responsibilities.


Cloud-based dialing platform that help increase collections.

Patient Statements

Combine hospital and physician billing into a single document.

Coverage Discovery

Find billable Medicaid, Medicare and commercial insurances previously unknown or forgotten.

Recession-proof your revenue cycle: the time to plan is now

Client Video: Kaiser Permanente

Our financial assistance and patient identity screening tools have helped Kaiser Permanente proactively identify which members are able to pay at the point of service, and how they can manage patients on the backend, if they ended up with a balance.

Client Video: Altru Health System

Learn how Altru Health System implemented Collections Optimization Manager and Financial Assistance Screening to have real time information at their fingertips to help them make the right collections decision for the health system and their patients.

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