Optimizing reimbursement collection from patients and payers simultaneously is key, as dwindling reimbursement from patient and payer revenue streams can equally impact an organization’s capital budget and resource allocation.

That is why Experian Health provides data-driven workflow solutions that integrate into revenue cycle operations. Our orders solutions automate cumbersome manual processes. Orders are verified against payer clinical requirements using a single-user interface, saving precious resources. 

Centrally manage and monitor every aspect of payer reimbursement, increase clean claim rates and reduce the cost to collect. Find new revenue streams by locating retroactive Medicaid eligibility and identify accounts eligible for presumptive charity.

Our orders solutions means your staff—and the physician’s office staff—spends more time focused on patients.

Experian Health is ready to arm you with:

Streamline Patient Access

Transform your organization’s business operations by replacing manual and paper-based processes with workflows, automated document generation and real-time analytics. 

Accelerate Patient Collections

Engage patients at the point-of-service to reduce risk, increase collections and boost their satisfaction. Learn how we can help you spend more time serving patients.

Improve Claims Management

Submit cleaner claims, work denials more efficiently, and hold payers accountable while increasing your patient collections.

Audit Payer Performance

Simplify the tangled web of contractual agreements, insurance rules and regulations.

Optimize Revenue Cycle

Transform operational and financial information into actionable insights.

Leverage Consumer Data

Develop a personal relationship with your consumer-patients.

Empower the Patient Financial Experience

Optimize revenue while building customer loyalty.

Resolve Patient Identities

Leverage accurate reference data to solve matching challenges.

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