Client satisfaction is our top priority. To maximize your success with Experian Health products and services, our Support Centers, located in multiple states around the country, are the primary points of contact for clients with questions regarding our offerings.

Clients can engage the appropriate Support Center through each support module found within the various Experian Health applications, which allows our teams to track, prioritize, and respond to client questions and enhancement requests in a timely manner. In addition, we offer our customer community, telephone, and live chat options for clients in need of support.


Product Dashboard

Our product dashboard provides customers with real-time product statuses, important announcements, and upcoming release notes.

Innovation Studio

Join the Innovation Studio, a new platform designed to bring you, our client, into the innovation process and help shape the future of Experian Health. 

Customer Community

The Customer Community site includes a robust suite of self-service features for Case Submission, Case Management and Knowledge Search, available through a single engagement platform across all our products.

Contract Manager (formerly Contract Management), Contract Analysis, Claim Scrubber, Patient Estimates (formerly Patient Responsibility Pricer) and Payer Alerts:
1 800 930 8261

eCare Online, ClaimSource®, and AMP:
1 866 810 0000

OneSource, eCare NEXT®, IntelliSource, Integrated or BatchSource Products:  
1 866 854 6796, Option 1

Medical Necessity, Authorizations, Order Checker Thin Client, Order Manager and Schedule Manager:
1 866 854 6796, Option 2

Identity Verification (formerly Patient Identify Verification), Patient Financial Clearance/Financial Assistance Manager, Open Balance Display and Collections Optimization Manager: 
1 763 416 1039

STAT Technologies clients:
1 732 264 3624


All other products:
1 866 854 6796, Option 1