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Portfolio risk management

Assess and reduce risk in portfolios.

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Develop holistic customer profiles with data and analytics to anticipate delinquency, drive portfolio growth, and ensure informed account treatment strategies

Accelerate and improve:

Limit and debt controls

Customer retention strategies

Pricing and utilization

Proactively communicate with customers to drive activity in dormant accounts

Balance multiple decision strategies such as which products to offer, limit changes, and collections management with ease and certainty. Mitigate your risk while achieving maximum growth from your customer portfolios. Develop portfolio baseline forecasts and stress test your portfolio against alternative economic scenarios. Benchmark your portfolio against your peers. Simulate the effects of strategy changes to assess their impact.

Reduce account delinquency by taking the right actions at the right times with your customers. Leverage new analytics opportunities through analysis of key performance indicators, as well as monitor accounts for early warning signs. Create a centralized data hierarchy, decision strategy, and monitoring process without depending on your IT department for implementation and support.

We can help your business:

  • Optimize your pricing strategies and manage customer risk while ensuring you receive maximum margin.
  • Confidently and proactively offer credit limit increases, or manage credit decreases based on risk and profitability.
  • Connect with customers who have untapped potential in their portfolios to drive cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • Quickly understand strategies that are working for your business through accessible performance reports.
  • Anticipate customer attrition and offer specialized incentives or credit line increases.
  • Understand the entire account history when planning and executing collections strategies with enterprise portfolio management.

Trended 3D

Use creditĀ attributes to reveal key patterns in your portfolio and enable growth and risk mitigation.

Attribute Toolbox

Leverage our data access engine, giving your business access to more than 70 credit, fraud, and non-traditional data sources.

Custom Modeling

Partner with our experienced team to build custom models that meet your business needs and improve predicitive performance.

CLIP checklist

Checklist: 4 strategies to increase member limits and your bottom line- without increasing risk.

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