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Unparalleled market insights are available via Experian's market intelligence tool, IntelliViewSM, enabling you to create unique views of consumer behaviors in different dimensions of the data, including key consumer credit trends and insights that pertain specifically to your business and geographic region. IntelliView can deliver the information necessary to make strategic decisions on growth in core markets, expansion into new verticals and continued risk mitigation.  

Customize Data to Your Needs with IntelliView

IntelliView, Experian's new market intelligence tool, allows users to manipulate data and tailor reports for their unique business needs. With multiple user levels and custom configurability, IntelliView offers:

  • Online report access — Access more than 350 Experian–Oliver Wyman Market Intelligence Report graphs and charts
  • Customized reports — Select the chart types you want to see, create custom metrics, and design custom report layouts
  • Query capabilities — Select and view data by geography, VantageScore® credit score, industry, time period, as well as Experian-exclusive scores such as Income Insight, Total Annual Plastic Spend (TAPS) and Bankruptcy PLUS

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