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Gain a Competitive Advantage with Market Intelligence Data

The ability to tailor reports to your needs gives you a strategic edge and leads to better decision making. The market intelligence data and reports through IntelliView address the major challenges facing your organization and provide:

  • Unparalleled credit segment details — With aggregated quarterly credit metrics, IntelliView provides clients with the detailed information required for confident benchmarking comparisons and provides you with an understanding of how recent regulations may have impacted credit metrics. You’ll more accurately manage risk using the most reliable, granular information available.
  • One source of high-quality market intelligence data and insights — IntelliView offers a central source of data trends and analysis. Gain reliable and consistent credit metrics from an unbiased third party without draining your analytical resources. By reducing the extent of analyst support required to support market intelligence functions, you can maximize your analyst resources.
  • Key marcroeconomic indicators — Overlay macroeconomic data to your credit analysis to understand how external economic factors impact credit behaviors and which could have the greatest influence going forward. 
  • Exclusive Experian score segments — IntelliView has incorporated Experian's most popular score models such as Income Insight, Total Annual Plastic Spend (TAPS) and Bankruptcy Plus to give users the ability to create credit views and insights unavailable anywhere else. 
  • Quarterly updates — Monitor credit trends consistently on a quarterly basis to make strategic adjustments, while ensuring you are using the most recent trend analysis for developing your credit strategies and policies.
  • Benchmarking and forecasting capabilities — For clients who perform peer and industry benchmarking but are challenged due to resource availability, IntelliView offers access to industry groups, giving you an edge on the competition. IntelliView’s high-quality market intelligence data and insights can be utilized for strategic purposes, such as profit and loss forecasting and sensitivity and stress testing.

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