For us, it’s all about helping you catch fraud and protecting your customers


Powerful fraud detection and a positive customer experience. Can you really have it all?

Every consumer touch point presents an opportunity for business, but also a potential vulnerability. Online criminals have made it their goal to find new ways of exploiting digital vulnerabilities to remain anonymous. Often, criminal organizations blend in to look like a most valued customer and compromise legitimate accounts. With over billions of records breached—and counting—login credentials such as email addresses and passwords are far less reliant than they were even just a short time ago.

Effective online fraud management should be about making the customer journey easy and fraud inroads hard.

FraudNet Benefits

Lower fraud losses
FraudNet provides a comprehensive solution with fraud capture rates that exceed industry averages.

Protect the Customer Experience
FraudNet provides a covert, frictionless solution that reduces outsorts and false positives, thus speeding good customers along and growing your business.

Frustrate Fraudsters
The FraudNet solution has consistently demonstrated reduced long-term attack rates for our clients, as frustrated fraudsters move on to more vulnerable targets.

Improve Operational Efficiency
The FraudNet solution provides efficiencies that help reduce waste and improve operations.

How does it work?

FraudNet recognizes consumers through understanding their digital device interactions across multiple channels. It is a scalable, risk assessment and intervention solution that is cost-effective for reducing fraud and allowing legitimate transactions.

The patented capabilities provide the insights to protect customers in a frictionless way without using tags or Flash objects. It allows you to take immediate action on suspicious devices and activities.

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