Data matching

Identify duplicate records and create a single customer view

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How data matching works

Our data matching solution will help you achieve a single customer view. We can link and merge contact records from disparate databases using fuzzy matching technology.

Boost business performance and gain valuable insights about your customers based on the information already at your fingertips. Highly customizable, quick, and reliable, our data matching and deduplication software easily integrates into your existing technology environment. And using a series of sophisticated searching and matching techniques, we can accurately identify duplicate records.

Real-time matching

  • Integrate data matching into your website or web-based applications
  • Identity duplicate records as they are created
  • Link similar records that contain typos, nicknames, extra words, missing information, and more

List processing

  • Find matches and duplicates from a batch file of contact records
  • Upload lists to a secure server to standardize and deduplicate
  • Enlist the help of our Professional Services team to manage larger files

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