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USPS and international address verification solutions

Whether you are looking to reduce undeliverable addresses, improve the accuracy of your mailing communications, or find an API to build into your current environment, we've got what you need to verify addresses.

What can our address verification software do?

  • Fast, accurate address validation, standardization, parsing, and formatting
  • ZIP + 4┬« and geo-location data appends
  • Ensure correct USPS or international address formatting
  • Prompts users to fix incomplete address details and resolve spelling in real time
  •  Connects into existing address collection systems through flexible APIs and plugins
Real Time Address Verification

Real-time address verification

  • Correct and automatically format incomplete addresses at the point of capture
  • Minimal keystrokes required for a correct address with our auto-complete capability
  • Format addresses to adhere to USPS or international requirements
  • Customizable API and plugins for an easy integration experience
Address List Cleansing

Address list cleansing

  • Upload address lists for fast processing
  • Correct inaccurate addresses and flag missing address elements
  • Ensure consistent formatting of addresses and fix any typos
  • Available for both international and U.S. addresses
International Address Verification

International address verification

  • Ensure the accuracy of international address information
  • Adhere to international address requirements
  • Reduce shipping errors caused by incorrectly entered address data
  • Improve customer experience by sending products and services to the correct address
NCOA List Processing

NCOA list processing

  • Ensure customer addresses are accurate with 48-month NCOA processing
  • Reduce the cost of mailing with updated addresses
  • Get┬áStandard and First-Class Mail discounts
  • Correct, update, and standardize address data according to USPS requirements

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