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A Proven Track Record in Data Breach Resolution

A data security breach does not just happen to your company. It happens to your customers and employees too. That is why you need a data breach resolution provider that understands the needs and goals of everyone involved, including your stakeholders. Experian Data Breach Resolution does. We can help you meet your business goals and address the anxiety of the individuals whose data has been lost.


To date, we have serviced thousands of high-profile data breach incidents. We use our proven experience and advanced resources to:

  • Mitigate data loss and damage
  • Preserve customer loyalty
  • Protect and bolster brand equity
  • Provide data breach notification that complies with state and industry legislation
  • Protect your clients, employees and customers from identity theft and financial loss

The cost of a data security breach can average $214 per compromised record.1 As an acknowledged leader and innovator in data breach resolution, Experian can help you avoid missteps that carry a significant price.


The Experian Advantage

Experian is the largest credit reporting company in the world, so we operate in an environment of intense regulation and scrutiny. When you’re in a similar situation, with multiple laws and mandates to meet because of a data loss, we can help. Drawing on our own industry experience, we’ll guide you through the intense pressure to help you and the individuals affected in the data loss move on with confidence.

We’ve helped clients, including many Fortune 500 and mid-size companies in nearly every industry, with data breach security. And we do it discreetly, keeping our client list privileged in order to protect our clients’ business interests. We: 

  • Respond quickly to help you address your data breach security needs
  • Implement comprehensive solutions that have proved successful during some of the highest profile data breaches in recent years
  • Provide dedicated incident management to keep your data breach resolution on track

Why trust just any data breach resolution provider when working with Experian is easy and efficient? With Experian, you can feel certain that your resolution is on the right path.

1 U.S. Cost of Data Breach Study, Ponemon Institute (2010)

2 National Survey on Data Security Breach Notification (2005)

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From Our Clients

97% of the clients surveyed in our 2014 Client Study would refer Experian Data Breach Resolution to a colleague. This tremendous referral rate is a testament to our dedication and commitment to go above and beyond for our clients.  Taken from the same study, our clients' top 3 reasons for choosing Experian are:

  • Responsiveness by account management team
  • Expertise in Industry – Acknowledged experience in field
  • Referral – Company came highly recommended