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Experian’s highly trained fraud resolution team has a proven track record of handling more than 170,000 cases of fraud.

Experian® uses advanced technology to monitor for identity theft. But it’s our high level of personal fraud resolution that truly distinguishes us. The same thing helps set you apart when you align your business with Experian following a data loss.

Considering how a breach can damage your brand and any resulting identity theft can cause further harm, it’s important to make a lasting, positive impact on affected individuals. Experian® goes above and beyond to help with ExtendCARE™.

When you provide individuals affected in a breach with ProtectMyID® Elite or ProtectMyID® Alert, they automatically receive ExtendCARE at no additional cost to you or to them. ExtendCARE gives members added peace of mind with access to our professional Fraud Resolution Agents even after their ProtectMyID Elite or ProtectMyID Alert memberships expire. This valuable feature gives extended life to the identity protection you purchase on their behalf following a breach.

Today, you’re undoubtedly aware that a breach puts your customers at risk of identity theft. In a recent Ponemon Institute survey of IT professionals, 64% of respondents confirmed they are concerned about identity fraud occurring if consumer data falls into the wrong hands, despite being confident about their data protection capabilities.1 “This perception should encourage organizations to consider programs that protect victims from future harms,” the study concludes.

You can rest assured that our Fraud Resolution Agents offer highly effective assistance. We do more than just monitor and alert members to the potential misuse of their identities. We help our members – your customers – solve problems related to identity theft. By acting quickly and drawing on our proven experience in fraud protection we help members minimize the loss of time and money associated with identity theft. And that reflects positively on your brand.

Our U.S.-based agents receive a minimum of 10 weeks of intensive training in fraud resolution. Each agent is certified under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Plus, they receive continual support and training from the nationally recognized non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC). We don’t put our agents on the phone with your customers unless they’ve proven themselves in resolving identity theft.

Experian Fraud Resolution Agents specialize in:
  • Working directly with members from beginning to end to help resolve identity theft once their membership begins and long after it expires.
  • Placing a temporary 1-year or extended seven-year fraud alert on consumers' Experian credit reports, as requested, to help stop fraudulent new accounts from opening.
  • Sharing the fraud alert with the Equifax® and TransUnion® credit bureaus.
  • Assisting with the dispute process for inaccurate information or fraudulent activity on Experian credit reports.
  • Drafting and providing dispute letters for members to report credit fraud to Equifax and TransUnion.
  • Assisting in scheduling conference calls with financial providers, creditors and service providers to dispute fraudulent charges and accounts.
  • Working with financial providers, creditors and medical insurers to help cancel and replace lost, stolen or compromised cards for ProtectMyID Elite members.
  • Interacting with law enforcement or government agencies to work toward a resolution and assist with filing a police report, if possible.
  • Providing copies of all necessary letters to report credit fraud and identity theft to creditors, credit reporting agencies or others who may be involved in the process of reclaiming the member’s identity.
  • Reviewing credit records to help members determine potential areas of fraud.
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Experian Data Breach Resolution provides sophisticated and extended fraud protection and peace of mind for your customers affected by a data breach.

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1Aftermath of a Data Breach Study, Ponemon Institute (2012)

Data Breach Resolution

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Aftermath of a Data Breach

IT professionals open up about what they experienced after a breach in this 2012 study by the Ponemon Institute.

Aftermath of a Data Breach

When clients turn to you asking for data breach guidance, you can feel confident referring them to Experian. We’ll assign your client a dedicated account manager to arrange data breach notification, identity protection for affected individuals and more.

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