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Experian® Data Breach Resolution Case Studies

As an innovator in data breach resolution, Experian has successfully handled thousands of data breaches. From a medical data breach to a bank data breach, Experian has the resources to help businesses get back on course following a data loss.

A business data breach carries multiple risks. At stake are brand reputation and customer loyalty. The loss of either can further put a company’s financial stability and stakeholder confidence at risk.

What’s even more alarming is the actual cost of a data breach. In 2010, the average cost of a data breach was $7.2 million.1

Experian Data Breach Resolution helps companies manage the cost of a data breach. Our dedicated professionals have helped businesses in the finance, education, commerce, medical and government sectors with data breach notification and resolution.

We can help your business plan ahead or successfully work through a crisis. Our comprehensive data breach notification, identity protection and fraud resolution help to strengthen your relationship with customers, clients and employees following a data loss.

We’ve worked strategically behind the scenes during some of the highest profile data breaches in recent years. Here’s a look at how we’ve made a difference for a diverse range of organizations:


Government Data Breach

Many government agencies manage highly sensitive data. Following a breach of employee data, including Social Security numbers, one agency hired Experian. We provided credit monitoring for the affected employees while meeting rigorous notification deadlines and handling multiple escalation issues.

Bank Data Breach

A major financial services company discovered a locked safe full of customer information had been stolen. It called on Experian for swift resolution. We worked around the clock to meet an aggressive notification timeline for more than three million affected individuals. Through daily meetings, conference calls and reports, we kept our client informed while protecting affected individuals.

University Data Breach

A laptop stolen from a college service provider put data from multiple colleges at risk all at once. The potential for data loss included names, Social Security numbers, bank transfer information and credit card information. Experian seamlessly provided credit monitoring to affected individuals. Our superior credit protection, rapid call center training and escalation services helped mitigate the potential negative outcome of the breach.

Medical Data Breach

An employee at a major health insurer experienced a laptop theft, impacting Social Security numbers and other personally identifying information. Experian took quick action. We notified more than 300,000 affected individuals and provided identity protection on behalf of our client, who reviewed multiple data breach resolution vendors and chose Experian.

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Entertainment Industry Data Breach

A globally recognized entertainment company engaged Experian as a preventative measure. The company recognized the rising risk of data breaches and identity theft. Experian partnered with the company to add credit monitoring to its employee benefits program. As a global leader in data protection, Experian also helped the company raise identity protection awareness among its employees.

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Companies that delay or mishandle data breach notification are four times as likely to experience customer turnover as companies that handle it quickly and clearly.2

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