Experian® Data Breach resolution

Helping you mitigate the potential financial consequences of a Data Breach

Trusted Data Breach Resolution Provider

Experian brings a high level of expertise and experience to data breach resolution. That is because we were among the first to recognize the need for and develop this line of services. Today, we continue to be an industry leader, and we are globally recognized for our data protection and credit services.


The Power of Experience

Experian Data Breach Resolution helps businesses of all sizes manage the risk of fines, customer loss, negative press and litigation due to a breach of data. We have handled thousands of high-profile data breaches in nearly every industry.

In 2010, 25% of the breaches we serviced fell into the medical data breach category. During a healthcare breach, companies look to Experian for proven guidance and leadership. Because mishandling a healthcare data breach can cost as much as $1.5 million1in fines.

Many government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and mid-size businesses also rely on the power of Experian.


A History of Innovation

Experian Data Breach Resolution follows in the footsteps of Experian innovation. Experian’s roots in direct-to-consumer credit services date back to 1986, the year credit monitoring was first available through our predecessor, TRW Credentials. In 1996, Experian revolutionized the way consumers access their credit information as the first bureau to offer online credit reports and credit monitoring.


We Build Our Reputation Protecting Yours

Working with a credible partner can make a real difference in your data breach resolution. We balance your needs for customer retention and brand integrity with your customers’ needs for identity protection. All while upholding the world-class security standards of Experian. We can help you plan ahead for a breach of data or help you navigate the storm if one occurs. We are backed by Experian and a proven track record of data breach resolution.

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009

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