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College Students & Recent Graduates

We’re looking for dreamers. Innovators. Great communicators. And analytical thinkers. And that’s not all. At Experian, our power is our diversity. And the unique perspectives you bring are what shape our ongoing success. As a member of our team, you’ll take your classroom education to the next level as you work on engaging business projects, tackle real-world challenges, and build and hone skills that will catapult your career forward. When you join us as a student or early career professional, you can expect to:

Attend multiple networking events that connect you with a diverse range of peers and experienced professionals

Engage in training opportunities that will enhance your technical skills and nurture your professional development

Be assigned a senior leader who will act as your mentor

Gain exposure to executive-level leadership

Develop and enhance your personal leadership skills

Build and deliver presentations to business leaders and participate in feedback sessions

Participate in regular Lunch & Learns with guest speakers in your area of interest

Fuel the Heart of Experian by participating in local community service opportunities

Enjoy benefits and compensation*

Explore some of our programs for recent grads.

Rotational Programs

  • You’re ready to build a bright future. We’re ready to help you get there. In our Finance Associate Development program, you’ll experience two years of accelerated, hands-on learning and gain the finance experience that will put you on track for big things. As you rotate across our entire finance function, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of our systems and methodologies—from accounting and reporting to planning and strategic pricing. Upon completion, you’ll have the tools, experience, and perspective to be a leader within our organization.

  • Ready for 21 months that will change the shape of your future? Join us in the MBA Leadership Rotation Program, and become the leader you know you can be. Rotational learning opportunities will accelerate your knowledge of Experian, preparing you for a leadership role in our Credit Services and Decision Analytics businesses. You’ll gain a perspective on our marketing, sales, operations, project management, and strategy functions, along with a broad understanding of the credit industry overall. Assignments and training in client acquisition, portfolio management and collections, business case development, and data management will test you, challenge you to grow, and bring out your leadership qualities.

  • Get what you need so you can get where you want to go in your career. In our Global Technology Services Rotation program, you’ll enjoy a 21 month deep dive into our technology-related functions. Located in Allen, Texas or Nottingham, United Kingdom, our rotations give you exposure to areas such as Global Corporate Systems, Infrastructure, Network, Operations, Security, and more. Working through your rotation, you’ll develop skills and insight while gaining exposure to Experian’s technology infrastructure systems, methodologies, and overall business approach. Upon completion, you’ll have the knowledge, connections, and motivation to build a bright professional future.

  • Do you want to explore a career in HR but don’t know where to start? Start here! Join a growing and innovative company, gaining exposure to different areas of the HR function. You’ll experience two years of valuable training and development with 4 rotations, one of which will be international to gain valuable global experience. You will receive training and development throughout with sponsorship from a Global HR Leader, a mentor, placement managers for each rotation, and regular check-ins with the HR Graduate program manager, as well as involvement in project activity beyond your immediate rotation to build your personal brand and provide exposure and networking across the function.

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