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Learn more about the underserved and underbanked market and how Experian can help you build your portfolio.

Tools to Help You Reach Underserved Populations

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Universe Expansion

For credit marketers, the key to becoming a leader in portfolio growth is getting the right product to the right consumer at the most appropriate time.

New Opportunities for the Unbanked

Did you know?

  • Approximately 25 percent of the U.S. population is unbanked or underbanked.
  • Nearly 64 million consumers have limited or no traditional credit history.

Tapping into this large segment of potential customers can enhance the profitability of your portfolio. Experian’s Extended ViewSM Score gives you an added view of creditworthiness.

Gain a more comprehensive of a consumer's payment behavior and fuel the growth of your portfolio.

Experian's Extended View Score is better than the alternatives:

  • FCRA infrastructure eliminates regulatory concerns
  • Score runs at the bureau - ultimate connectivity
  • Takes a "lending" approach - deeper than verification and risk
  • Compliments your current credit score

Powered by Experian’s comprehensive analytics

In order to underwrite this population and empower these consumers with better access and choices, lenders require a more comprehensive view of a consumer’s creditworthiness.  Experian’s Extended ViewSM score is a new, advanced scoring solution powered by credit data, rental data and comprehensive public record attributes that drives exceptional predictive power for the risk assessment of these historically difficult to evaluate consumers. 

Extended View’s superior data allows lenders to:

  • Give consumers cost-effective credit and financial solutions
  • Remain in regulatory compliance
  • Generate new, untapped revenue streams

Who Are the Underbanked?

A vast part of the population, the unbanked and underbanked community, are now asking, "How can I get credit with no credit?" In their own words, hear potential clients discuss their desire to establish a financial footprint for themselves that will help them achieve their goals. 

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