Locate Hard-to-Find Individuals Fast using Social Security Search

Conducting a Social Security search is easy with Social Search, a powerful and cost-effective tool for tracking down a consumer when all other identifying information is outdated or incomplete. Social Search instantly matches and retrieves the latest consumer identification information reported on the input Social Security number from Experian's File OneSM database. Find people who have changed their names or moved without leaving a forwarding address with Experian's Social Security search logic. 

Features and Benefits
  • Get instant, up-to-date consumer identifying information on different consumers with the same Social Security Number
  • Know your customers' latest addresses
  • Reveal inconsistencies on consumer-supplied information to assist in fraud detection
  • Backed by Experian's File OneSM database of more than 220 million credit-active consumers
  • Allows you to quickly conduct a Social Security search on up to 20 different Social Security numbers on an inquiry
  • Returns up to 10 consumers reported with a given Social Security number for a complete history
  • Offers two report types, full and partial, for clients with and without a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) permissible purpose
  • Add-on options available
Spend Less Time and Reduce Expenses
  • Improve your collections and recovery efforts – use the latest address information
  • Verify your account information – confirm applicant information or detect potential fraudulent activity
  • Eliminate manual investigations – maximize your efficiency when a current address is unknown
  • Find consumer with name changes – locate aliases, maiden and misspelled names, or consumers who have changed their identities
  • Help detect fraud or obtain the latest phone number and reporting subscriber contact information where available – get up to three add-on report options
  • Maximize your efficiency when a current address is unknown

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Social Security Search

Using only a Social Security number, Social Search matches and retrieves consumer information from Experian’s continuously updated national database of nearly 220 million consumers.

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