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Experian PINpoint ServicesSM

Getting an accurate view of your customers can be complicated. If you are challenged by multiple databases or large amounts of outstanding bad customer debt, linking customers’ account information can be critical to your success.

The Power of Experian PINpoint Services

Experian® has leveraged our longstanding expertise in managing consumer data to introduce a service that can help break down the silos in your organization — bringing together different functional areas and lines of business. With Experian PINpoint ServicesSM, you can:

  • Get one complete view of your customers across multiple business units, databases or companies
  • Cross-sell applicants who had a positive prior relationship
  • Match outstanding closed balances to current, active accounts for successful collection efforts
Credit and Collections with PINpoint Services

PINpoint Services gives you a single customer view regardless of your circumstances. Perhaps you haven’t had sufficient time to combine your databases and applications in a postmerger situation. Maybe you want to identify duplicate customer records within one database or you are creating a data warehouse that aggregates customer data from multiple sources. To link customer accounts belonging to the same individual, you need to understand customer identification differences that are less apparent, including:

  • Multiple addresses
  • Shared household Social Security numbers
  • Parents’ use of a child’s Social Security number
  • Married versus maiden names
  • Nicknames

With PINpoint Services, you can determine if new applicants have an existing or prior relationship with you, enabling you to prevent fraud, make better-informed credit decisions and collect outstanding debt up front. PINpoint Services also can help you identify dollars at risk by linking current accounts to delinquent accounts in other lines of business.

As a recognized expert in managing vast amounts of consumer data, Experian provides insight and linkage proficiency through its PINpoint Services. Utilizing the advanced search, match and database management tools embedded in Experian’s consumer credit database, PINpoint Services assigns a unique identifier (a personal identification number, or PIN) to your customers and returns detailed linkage analysis.

Increased Matching Accuracy

In addition to matching customer records to a company’s internal records, they also are identified and matched by referencing Experian’s consumer credit database and by employing the same search and match technology Experian uses daily.

Data Accuracy and Freshness

PINpoint Services references Experian’s File OneSM consumer credit database, which includes information on more than 220 million consumers and receives 1.3 billion update transactions per month.

Business Intelligence

PINpoint Services delivers valuable insight through detailed linkage analysis reports that highlight key customer overlap observations, such as dollars at risk, dollars to recover and duplicate records.

Flexible Delivery Options

In addition to batch delivery, PINpoint Services offers you the ability to receive an encrypted PIN in real time, at the point of customer application, in conjunction with a Credit Profile Report that can be used as a reference key across your databases.

Data Enrichment

Your customer records can be enriched with data such as names and addresses and kept current through updates reported to Experian’s consumer credit database. PINpoint Services also is fully integrated throughout Experian’s broad portfolio of products and services.

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