Instant Credit Decisioning

The best part of prequalification and instant credit decisioning is the opportunity for new customers. It’s the critical first step to matching them with the products that meet their credit profile before they actually apply, which can set them on the path to realizing their dreams.

Experian’s Prequalification is a powerful tool that prequalifies consumers for credit in real time at the point of contact. It is initiated by consumers and provides them with a variety of credit options, and it eliminates the requirement that the company must make a firm offer of credit. With Prequalification, you can drive up return on investment by matching consumers with the right products at the right time.

Accurate and Quick

Prequalification and instant credit decisioning enhance the lead-generation process by allowing you to match consumers with the products that meet their credit profile before they apply — increasing approval rates once the application is submitted. Best of all, the entire process with the consumer is completed within seconds.

Consumer Driven

Prequalification and instant credit decisioning are consent-based products that give potential customers the opportunity to see the types of credit products for which they may qualify. Consumers may review the features of all options and then determine the best product for them before beginning the application process, increasing approval rate, take rate and utilization.

Profitable Leads at the Point of Contact

Prequalification and instant credit decisioning are great fits for lenders, brokers and agents. If you’re a lender, Prequalification allows you to use individual credit data to match potential customers to the right loan products. If you’re an agent or a broker working on behalf of lenders, Prequalification helps you route leads to lenders and dealers that meet their lending criteria.

Three Levels of Prequalification to Meet Your Needs

Prequalification (standard output): returns a credit profile and/or credit score if requested by the client.

Advanced Prequalification: multiple, flexible output options utilizing a large number of generic attributes and scores. Experian’s highly predictive Premier AttributesSM product is also available.

Custom Prequalification: fully customizable input, output and decisioning capabilities.

A Variety of Access and Delivery Methods
  • Quick, easy setup via Net Connect, TCP/IP, eSolutions or SFTP or other vendors you currently use to access credit reports
  • Multiple touch-points, including point of sale, Internet, kiosks and call centers
  • Flexible input and output formats
Make Better Decisions Throughout the Customer Life Cycle

Our Advanced Prequalification and Custom Prequalification products are delivered via Experian’s Decisioning as a ServiceSM environment. Decisioning as a Service provides clients with flexible access to data, attributes, scores and decisioning to make better mission-critical decisions across the Customer Life Cycle. It also can be used to increase qualification, approval and take rates while reducing bad debt and lowering overall operational and manual review costs.

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