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Identify changes in consumer debt levels

Short-Term AttributesSM allow you to unlock the power of historical credit data to manage prospects and customers across the credit life cycle.

These industry-unique attributes capture revolving debt and utilization changes over the past three, six and nine months.

Better Manage Risk

By understanding if a consumer is rapidly increasing his or her balances or paying off debt, lenders can more effectively segment prospects and customers who are likely to go delinquent.

Short-Term Attributes will allow you to understand where a consumer has had substantial changes in debt, if there are trades that have had utilization spikes and the dollar amounts of those changes.

Analysis has proven that Short-Term AttributesSM segment risk more effectively than using credit scores alone.

The attributes are available for portfolio review or other batch processes and can even be incorporated into decision models as part of an online credit report.

Short-Term Attributes can be the data source you need to ensure you fully understand not only a consumer’s current debt levels, but also identify the direction the debt is heading.

Experian's Trended Solutions

Understanding consumers’ past behavior is crucial to understanding their credit preferences and their potential risks and for developing a strategy for the future. Enhance the profitability of your portfolio with the power of trended data.

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  • Trend View
    Unlock the power of trended data and make the most appropriate — and profitable — offers to customers and prospects at precisely the right time.
  • Line Management Attributes
    Gain an unprecedented market view into credit line changes that have happened over the last 24 months.

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