Combining consumers’ needs and attitudes with actual behaviors to create one powerful score

Many conventional segmentation schemes start with demographics or implied life stages and then attempt to infer relevant insights about consumers. In contrast, Financial PersonalitiesSM starts with primary research to derive the critical insights regarding consumer needs, attitudes and behaviors:

  • Relevancy of the category and product
  • Awareness and consideration by type of provider
  • Shopping process and criteria for selecting providers and products
  • Preferred channel(s) for interacting with current and potential providers
  • Likelihood to use each product and expected balances, and outstandings
  • Expected tenure and receptivity to alternative providers
Varying Needs Across Financial Services Categories

Given that consumers’ needs, attitudes and behaviors vary across financial services categories, we conduct and refresh our research against each specific category.

We then combine consumers’ needs and attitudes with their actual behavior and use proprietary clustering techniques to develop our frameworks. Finally, we build predictive models, using our comprehensive consumer data resources, to generate scores to accurately assign consumers to their Financial Personality within each category.

Sample Financial Personality Profiles

The following are just a few examples of some of the powerful targeting and tailoring insights you will be able to leverage with Financial Personalities:

Credit Card Financial PersonalitiesSM

Loyal Rewards Enthusiasts
Promote rewards-oriented credit cards to consumers who:

  • Are confident and knowledgeable about their finances
  • Select credit card providers based primarily on their rewards program
  • Use their rewards card whenever possible, i.e., more than 60 percent of their spend is through their rewards card

Credit Hungry Card Switchers
Promote credit card balance consolidation offers to consumers who:

  • Are less financially secure and rely heavily on credit cards
  • Actively seek out credit card offers with lower rates and higher lines
  • Are the most active card switchers, i.e., more than 60 percent have applied for two or more credit cards over the past 48 months

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