A low-income assistance qualification tool

Experian’s Financial Assistance CheckerSM score is an automated, low-cost solution that enables utility companies to gain insight into customers’ income levels. The score enables utility companies to quickly and easily determine which consumers qualify for low-income assistance and in most cases immediately enroll them in the program.

The Financial Assistance Checker Score Can be Used for:

New customers — New customers are immediately scored to see if they qualify for low-income assistance based on the utilities’ score parameters.

Existing customers — Customers already in a low-income assistance program must re-enroll/recertify. Together with the utilities’ internal low-income assistance program, the Financial Assistance Checker will allow companies to reduce the number of manual application reviews and automatically qualify those current enrollees who meet the requirements for the low-income assistance program. The score will not disqualify anyone from the program. It will only indicate that a manual review must be initiated.

Outreach — Companies can use the Financial Assistance Checker to survey their database to identify and contact customers who currently are not enrolled but who may qualify for a low-income assistance program.

How Experian's Financial Assistance Checker Can Help
  • Validate participants for your low-income assistance programs in an automated environment  
  • Identify consumers who may be eligible for low-income assistance  
  • Optimize marketing campaign dollars aimed at low-income consumers  
  • Reduce delinquency and collections issues with current low-income consumers  
  • Develop educational campaigns promoting awareness of financial assistance programs available for energy bills

Learn how to quickly and efficiently identify new and existing customers who may be eligible for low-income assistance programs and recertify those already enrolled. Improve your company’s financial strength, but also enhance your image in your community.

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