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Attracting and retaining profitable customers is a challenge in today’s competitive credit card market. Understanding a consumer’s historical behavior is crucial to developing a strategy for the future. With Trend ViewSM from Experian, you can make the most appropriate — and profitable — offers to customers and prospects at precisely the right time.

Behavioral Insight

Trend View unlocks the power of trended data to help you progress from mass marketing to one-on-one target marketing by providing insight into the credit card usage patterns of your customers and prospects.

Powered by Experian Trended Data, Trend View attributes identify the following consumer behaviors:

  • Rate surfer — transfers balances from one credit card to another
  • Revolver — carries a credit card balance from month to month
  • Transactor — pays the entire or majority of credit card balance every month
  • Consolidator — transfers multiple credit card balances to one credit card or consolidation loan
  • Nonactivator — never uses credit card or only uses it once
  • Seasonal user — uses cards at specific times of the year

Use this insight to:

  • Avoid consumers who are likely to transfer their balances before you reach your breakeven point
  • Maximize profitability by targeting consumers who will activate and revolve balances
  • Build relationships with transactors by offering your best rewards programs
Features and Benefits

Trend View can be calculated to include information across all accounts, or it can be customized by including or excluding your accounts.

By knowing how customers or prospects have historically used credit, you can:

  • Reduce attrition and build customer loyalty
  • Increase the response rate and profitability of your credit offers
  • Reduce churn rate by evaluating prospects before you solicit them

Trend View is easily deployable to meet all your needs:

  • Archived historical information for analysis and model building
  • Available in batch for database feeds, prescreen and account review
  • Online access for instant credit, instant prescreen and instant prequalification programs

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