Consumer segmentation

Identify and manage customers with Credit3D

What’s the best way to identify prospective customers?

Consider all aspects of their credit needs. 

Credit3D combines the power of the credit profile with the depth of trended credit data in ready-to-deploy, prescriptive solutions designed to increase response rates, optimize credit terms, and decrease attrition. In short, it takes point-in-time and historical data and transforms into dimensional insights. Who wants 2D when you can have 3D, right?

Whether you are entering a new market or seeking to manage and grow your existing portfolio, Credit3D takes the guesswork out of your data strategy.

Credit3D offers complete solutions tailored across multiple industries and the full customer lifecycle.


Credit3D Prospecting  

Analytic tools to segment and target the best consumers in prescreen campaigns.

  • Increase response rates by targeting consumers most likely in the market for your product
  • Consider risk beyond the credit score with trended attributes that indicate whether a consumer is becoming more or less risky
  • Maximize long-term value by identifying consumers who are likely to remain open longer

Credit3D Account Review

Tools to refine and optimize credit terms.

  • Understand a consumer’s total spend and leverage credit line increase programs in order to capture more from high-spending customers
  • Adjust credit limits when utilization begins trending higher
  • Lower interest rate to keep customers from transferring balances out of your portfolio


Credit3D Acquisitions

Refine credit terms at origination to maximize relationships.

  • Set credit limit based on a consumer’s total spend to ensure the terms of their new card fit their spending need
  • Decrease interest rates at origination based on a consumer’s existing terms off your books to ensure your product will capture balances
  • Leverage trended credit data to identify consumers within a risk score range that is showing signs of curing or financial stress

Marketing Response Scores and Attributes

Improve response rates by selecting audiences that are receptive to your products. Maximize marketing ROI with propensity scores that target consumers that are most likely to be in the market.

Ability to Pay

No one wins when a consumer takes on more debt than they can handle. Make sure consumers have the ability to repay loans by taking into account estimated income and debt to income.

Trended Attributes for Risk Optimization

Risk scores are essential, but often don’t tell the whole story. Leverage short-term trended attributes to detect changes in credit behavior before the score is impacted.

Offer Alignment and Profitability

Get the right offer and terms to consumers by taking into account their current access to credit off your portfolio. Estimated interest rate and spend calculators designed to align product messaging with consumer use and need.

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