Prequalify prospects quickly and economically

Customer Acquisition

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Prescreen gives you the data—and ultimately the payoff—you need to focus on the audience most likely to respond to your preapproved credit offers. Prescreen qualifies and segments your prospect list according to your credit criteria, and eliminates unlikely prospects. This decreases acquisition and mailing costs, while increasing your response rates. 


Optimize Your Credit Marketing Decisions

Prescreen enables you to:

  • Make credit-based decisions with the most current data in the market
  • Employ customization and decisioning flexibility
  • Maximize campaign performance and profitability by targeting more effectively
  • Utilize Experian’s best-in-class data processing and file link technology to ensure “clean" data and reliable information searches/results.
Customize Your Lists to Achieve Better Response Rates

Prescreen is designed to generate marketing lists based on your lending criteria. You may:

  • Use your list or an Experian extract list to pre-qualify consumers for firm offers of credit
  • Set your lending criteria using standard, pre-defined attributes or a combinations of pre-defined and/or custom attributes and scores
  • Utilize demographic selects, segmentation models and consumer preference scores for list segmentation and enhanced targeting
Get Expert Help and Advanced Options

Ask for assistance from Experian's technical service representatives in developing and fine-tuning your criteria levels. Or prescreen using iScreenSM, Experian's online, self-service prescreen list-fulfillment tool.

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