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How many ways can you deliver a firm offer of credit? Let us count the ways.

Consumers look at their smartphones an average 46 times per day. They are active on multiple social media platforms. Many consistently make online purchases.

We live in a digital world, but is your credit-based marketing keeping up with the times?

As consumers increasingly turn to digital for all experiences, it’s time to deliver relevant credit offers to your consumers in the spaces and platforms where they interact. Think mobile. Think email. Think web.

Experian’s Amplified Prospecting can match lenders with the data needed to target consumers with firm offers of credit – delivered via digital channels in a sequenced, trackable manner.

What is Amplified Prospecting?

Amplified Prospecting Solutions

Mobile Options

Deliver firm offers of credit through digital display and advertising, and email partnerships that are connected to smart phones and mobile devices.

Email Prescreen

Process and prescreen your own target list or a prospect list through email using Experian’s managed services with access to several email service providers.

Digital Display Retargeting

Retarget a firm offer of credit on sites to complement a direct mail or email prescreen campaign.

Digital Display Prescreen

Target consumers in a tailored ad campaign based on credit worthiness, delivering a firm offer of credit digitally without the need of a direct mail piece or email.


Benefits of Amplified Prospecting
  1. Ability to delivery firms offers of credit via direct mail, digital retargeting, display, websites, and mobile
  2. Increased matching and person-level identification
    • One-to-one approach for consumer-level matching (not via cookies) for offering firm offers of credit
    • Industry-leading match rates on critical platforms
  3. Data Quality
    • More targeted one-to-one approach: deliver the right offer at the right time to the right customer
    • Authenticate when customer applies for customized experience every time
    • Real-time decisioning delivers faster approvals for the customer
  4. Integrated, omni-channel solution
    • Expertise across credit and marketing capabilities
    • Direct matching partnerships with media providers across channels including: email, online and mobile
    • Ability to "optimize" timing of in-market campaigns

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