Experian Credit Insight Program

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Experian Credit Insight Program

Empowering consumers and driving loyalty with more than a score - true credit intelligence

Credit education continues to gain significant relevance in our complex financial universe.  Consumers are becoming more inquisitive about their credit information. Realizing that a greater depth of knowledge will drive their ability to increase control over their financial well-being.    This empowered consumer recognizes their credit health is more than just a score.  This provides a tremendous opportunity for financial institutions to help educate consumers, while increasing affinity, and an enhanced experience.

New Challenges Driven by Key Shifts

Businesses today are facing the reality that the conventional ways to promote customer engagement are not as effective as they once were. Due to these shifts and challenges, financial institutions are trying to think outside of the box, using tools to directly engage with consumers in order to drive engagement.

  • They need to drive growth.
  • They need to engage customers.

Solution Benefits

Experian Credit Insight Program™ provides a total package that promotes consumer engagement, education and action to help them truly understand their credit and make better financial decisions. The Credit Insight Program can provide this through:   

  • Credit education
  • Personal assistance
  • Cross-selling other financial products

Solution Capabilities

Providing a credit score with credible, detailed, rich education content is the only way you can help consumers truly understand their credit and make better financial decisions. Just a few of the rich content that Credit Insight provides are:

  • Score trending over time
  • Factors that impact their credit score, both positive and negative
  • Key credit attributes
  • An online and offline account statement consumer experience

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True Credit Intelligence: Empowering consumers with more than a score

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